John McDonnell MP asks the Chancellor to apologise to the British people for the utter failure of this Government’s economic policies and for the pain he has inflicted on this country

This morning, the Prime Minister called a general election. She has blamed Brexit, she has blamed our European neighbours, she has blamed the parties on these benches, but the real truth is that after seven wasted years of economic failure under the Tories:

• They have failed to close the deficit
• They have added £750bn to the national debt
• Pay is falling behind prices
• 4 million children are growing up in poverty
• Our schools are in crisis
• Our prisons are in crisis
• There's more people than ever on NHS waiting lists
• More families are homeless
• More elderly people are not getting the care they need

We need a Labour government to rebuild and transform Britain.

I’m delighted to be standing again as the MP for Hayes and Harlington. It’s a real privilege to represent our community in which I have lived for 40 years and brought my family up in. I’ve worked hard for my constituents in Parliament for the last 20 years and I hope to be elected again to continue this work.

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