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    When is something going to be done about the constant amount of fireworks going off since the 31st October night after night after night . Will I get an answer ?
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    Jeremy Corbyn and John MacDonnell should know, but apparently don’t, what the Tory oriented Press does to its political opponents. The Tory Press overwhelms their opponents with sustained barrage and blitzkreig of public scrutiny, intrusive questions and negative publicity, usually on trivialities and erroneous premises, which they do not visit on David Cameron or other Tory leaders. Were it not for the timely intervention of the former SNP leader, Alex Salmond, Messrs Corbyn’s and McDonnell’s popular and realistic policies would have come out as too extreme in yesterday’s BBC Question Time.

    On Mr Corbyn not singing the national anthem, the Labour Party is a bit lazy. It should have obtained past film clips of the same event, in which Mr Corbyn is accused of not singing the national anthem in, to find out whether David Cameron, George Brown or Tony Blair also sang the national anthem during these events. John MacDonnell and those apologising for Mr Corbyn not singing the national anthem should have known and publicly stated that traitors also sing the national anthem so that singing national anthems is not a true indication of patriotrism.

    The Labour Party is too lazy to debunk the false claim by the Tories that the economy is doing well. It is not. Government borrowing has doubled from less that £0.8 trillion in 2010 to over £1.5 trillion this year. Statistics show more economic distress for individuals, local governments, councils and businesses, more burglaries, more shoplifting, more food banks and the thriving of small scale lenders like Wonga. These are not indicators of economic success. The claim by the Tories that the budget deficit is decreasing is based on fraudulent calculation of budget as a percentage of GDP instead of the proper ratio of present to past budget.

    The Labour Party is too lazy to observe and point out that measurements of macro-economic data are not accurate to 5% so that any macro-economic changes less than 5% are insignifiacnt.

    The Labour Party is too lazy, and unfortunately, Mr Corbyn and McDonnell have joined it, to continue to repeat what has put off voters and lost it many elections, namely, the stupid mantra of taxing the rich. The Office of National Statistics data show that even though the tax rate for companies and businesses is 20%, now reduced to 18%, their actual tax rate is 1.3% on a gross annual revenue of £3 trillion. The ten year average of company tax revenue in the UK is £39 billion. Even if their annual gross revenue is £1trillion, which it is not, their ten year avergae tax rate will still be 3.9%. The same statistics show that even if you taxed the rich at 100%, the revenue, from it, will not make a dent in solving the nation’s economic problems.

    The opportunity is there now for Mr Corbyn and Mr McDonnell to do what will solve the nation’s financial and economic problems and kill all the birds (tax avoidance, wasting of diminishing natural resources, excessive pressure on delivery of public services, etc) with the one stone of taxing UK companies and businesses at the minimunm tax rate, on gross revenue, of 8.5%. This is based on giving these companies and businesees a 15% tax free allowance on gross revenue and taxing the remaining 85% at the rate of 10%. It will have no effect on jobs and will, even, make the companies more efficient.

    This comment has become too long already without exhausting all the arguments. But you can go to www.benedictnnolim.com to read them all.
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