I am Demanding Action by Council to Halt Tar Emissions from Conway Plant

Yet again residents and people working in local companies are reporting almost daily sickening tar smells from the new Conway bitumen recycling plant in Hayes. People are saying that the acrid smells are so bad that it makes them feel headachy and nauseous. This has been going on now for nearly 10 months since the plant opened.

I have been raising this issue with Hillingdon Council over the months since then and demanding action and yet the problem continues. It has now gone beyond any reasonable time limit.

I am extremely fearful for the health and safety of local residents and local employees working in the surrounding area in which the plant is located. That is why I am calling for firm action from the council to either force the company to tackle the emissions problem or, failing that, to shut the operation down until it is safe to reopen.


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  • commented 2015-05-19 17:43:48 +0100
    I am so glad some people are not scared to say what the Blairites are too craven to say about the recent election. This obsession with trying to appeal to so-called ‘middle England’ and the jettisoning of genuinely socially democratic policies is revolting. What a shame John McDonnell can’t be the next Labour leader.