John McDonnell Addresses Anti Austerity March



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  • commented 2016-04-24 21:15:04 +0100
    Can u please get the 26 MPs that lost their seats to the Tories in the election owing to the Tories overspending and not declaring to go to to the electoral commission as the Tories had an unfare advantage 26 seats is a lot to blame on admin error we need this election null and void and a clean and fare election to take place the Tories committed fraud in the election by doing this these MPs need to do this ASAP and we only have 14 days to do this before its to late please,please urge these MPs to go to the commission thank you I and disabled and completely house and and to be honest I just can’t cope with the cruel and sadistic policies the Tories have and are going to put in place thank you for listening it’s all I can think of to get these people out and a fare election to take place