John McDonnell MP, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, responding to the Budget, said:

Philip Hammond has used his first Budget to claw £2 billion in tax on those self-employed who are on low and middle incomes. But he continued to boast about the £70 billion worth of tax giveaways at the top announced by his predecessor.


Labour will oppose this unfair £2 billion sole traders tax on the self-employed low and middle earners. 


Rather than provide the funding that would end a social care crisis in which 1 million vulnerable people go without adequate care, or calling an end to the state of emergency in our NHS, the Tories are doing next to nothing and don’t seem to recognise the scale of the crisis they have created.


The Tory rigged economy continues for households in our country, who face being £1,800 worse off by the end of the forecast period, and if you are on the National Living Wage by the end of this parliament you face a 25p per hour cut.


This Budget does not address the problems created by seven years of Tory failure, and it has failed the fairness test for women who will be hit by a cuts in public services, and the national living wage.


Instead of equipping our country for Brexit, he is building our economy on sand, and the little he has announced today will mean we are less prepared for the challenges we face outside of the EU.

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  • commented 2017-03-09 20:25:41 +0000
    What is all the fuss about the budget and the government doing a u-turn on it’s election manifesto.

    This is not the first time they have done it.

    What they did last October affected more people, around 5 000 000, which cost them billions of pounds, yet there was little publicity at the time and they seem to have got away with it.

    This government was elected on one of their promises to allow pensioners to sell their unwanted and almost worthless annuities from April 2017. However, this seems to have been ditched for “our protection”.

    Many, who had been making retirement preparations suddenly find their plans shattered at a stroke. These people have no collective voice and as a consequence cannot challenge the unacceptable decision. They have no one to turn to.

    This government cannot and should not be trusted.

    What is being done about this?

    Why has this been allowed to be brushed under the carpet without any major publicity?