John McDonnell MP to meet with SEGRO

John McDonnell MP to meet with SEGRO to discuss new plans for the Nestles site.

On Monday 12th January a public announcement was made that the 30 acre Nestles site has been taken over by SEGRO, the former Slough Estates. During the last year SEGRO secured planning consent for a new hotel, restaurant and industrial scheme in Uxbridge and completed a 90,000 sq. ft. industrial scheme in West Drayton.

John McDonnell MP has written to the Council once again to request that the Council now considers undertaking a planning brief for the site engaging with the local community fully to prepare the brief which will allow the local community to have a better opportunity of shaping and determining the future of this pivotal site. 

The Council has refused John McDonnell’s previous requests for a brief to be prepared. John said

“The spurious argument put by the council was the cost of preparing such a brief, even though such an exercise has been undertaken in other parts of the borough. 

I do not see why Hayes should be discriminated against in this way and would urge that this decision is now reconsidered in the light of a new owner taking over the site. 

It should be possible for the council to approach the new owner to seek a financial contribution to preparing a community planning brief. 

I would urge that action is taken by the council to accede to this request and commence the preparation of a planning brief with some urgency.”

The site is of pivotal importance to the area and offers a massive opportunity for improving the quality of life for so many people who currently live and will eventually live and work on the site or in the surrounding area. John has written to SEGRO requesting a meeting on the basis that “Members of the local community and I are very keen to work with you in developing the future of this site.”

Neil Impiazzi SEGRO’s Partnerships, Development Manager replied that he would very much welcome an opportunity to meet. 

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  • commented 2015-01-22 11:48:32 +0000
    We need to create a new industrial area in Hayes. We need more jobs before we build more houses. And will these houses go to people from the area. Working families who have lived in the area all there lives are being forced out due to sky high rents charged by private landlords.