MP John McDonnell backs Longford calls on asylum seekers

In an interview with BBC London, following their investigations regarding the overwhelming influx of migrants into Longford Village, John McDonnell said he had requested a meeting with the home secretary to resolve the issue.

BBC London filmed two coaches and three van loads on migrants arriving in Longford village in one day and three days later, another two coaches were witnessed arriving.

John said "Local residents in Longford have always been very constructive, they have always welcomed people into the local community and they have supported refugees and asylum seekers in the past."

"What we have been saying to the Home Office is if people are coming to join us within the community, it is important that they are not all focused on one particular street or one particular area, but it should be right across the community, and we can accommodate it in that way.

"The Home Office and Borders Agency has sent large numbers of people into literally one street, in one tiny village that is already under threat from the third runway. It is just too much for one little community to cope with."


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  • commented 2015-11-18 00:49:41 +0000
    The way the Home Office is treating the people of Hayes & Harlington is unacceptable – and, I suspect, politically motivated. I’ll back any campaign you work on to get new runway at Gatwick, which will be far less disruptive of people’s lives.