New Economic Conferences

Welcome to the New Economic Conferences webpage. The Shadow Chancellor has carried out a series of regional economic conferences over the past two years with the last one being in Lincoln in November 2017. It was agreed to create a New Economics webpage post conference to gather all speeches and presentations in one place for easy access.

The speeches and presentations of previous New Economic Regional Conferences were circulated widely already. It has, therefore been agreed to start this web page with the information from Lincoln and then to add following conferences they take place.

The New Economic conferences are designed to deliver policies for widespread prosperity in the aftermath of Brexit. The one-day conferences will build on Jeremy Corbyn’s aim to form an “economy that works for all”.

Much of the content and ideas of previous conferences fed into the now legendary labour manifesto of 2017. It is hoped that these new conferences will do the same and improve any Labour manifesto's that will be produced in the future.

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