Petition to Save Punjabi Language Examinations

In the last week of Parliament it was revealed that some Academic Qualifications Awarding Bodies were dropping Punjabi from their lists of examination subjects at GCSE and A Level. This is part of the Coalition Government's reform of educational qualifications.  
John McDonnell, who founded the All Party Punjabis in Britain Parliamentary Group, has launched a nationwide petition calling upon the incoming Government to act to ensure that Punjabi is maintained by the Qualifications Awarding bodies as a GCSE and A Level examination subject.
John said " Learning the Punjabi language is critically important to preserving Punjabi culture and also helps equip many of our young people with the language skills they need in the modern world. Withdrawing Punjabi from the list of examinations taken at GCSE and A Level will undermine the teaching of this subject which is dear to the hearts of so many of our people. I am calling upon the incoming Government to intervene to ensure the preservation of Punjabi as a GCSE and A Level subject. I am asking people to sign our nationwide petition to support our campaign to save the teaching of the Punjabi language."

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    We will need to save our mother language.
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    In a multicultural society we should encourage the opportunities to learn more languages and not hinder this. Learning the Panjabi language is critical of learning about Sikhism and Panjabi Culture.

    It encourages individuals to learn to develop skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. Learning Panjabi language gives individuals confidence to communicate. Having examinations in Panjabi at GCSE, AS and A level allows individuals to be motivated to progress up the qualification levels. These qualifications are nationally recognised and demonstrates individual’s commitment and perseverance and can help support applications.

    So much work & investment has been made to encourage the Panjabi Language by stopping the exams will undermine the value of it.

    Please continue maintaining the Panjabi examinations at all levels. Thank you!!
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    I will admit that I am unable to speak Punjabi despite understanding it. To be honest it has effected my confidence as the Punjabi language is very closely linked to India.

    It is also linked to the Sikh/Hindu religions which I am equally apart of personally I do not want to see it decrease any more than it has in recent years.

    It is apart of our culture & our creed as I said I may not understand it fully but I’d want my kids generation & generations after to be able to fully indulge in our culture.
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    Sign the petition: Petition to Save Punjabi Language Examinations
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    Punjabi language should be continued to be taught at GCSE and A level and British Punjabi’s should encourage their children to choose it as one of the subjects. Its important to learn and excel in Science and Maths but also equally important to be proud of one’s own culture and identity!
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    We need punjabi in schools all levels
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    Amanpreet Pangli
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