Planned Widening of M4 but No Action on Noise and Air Pollution

The Highways Agency is undertaking a public consultation on its plans to widen the M4. In our area this means a proposal to use the motorway's existing hard shoulder as an additional lane.

By bringing the heavy traffic on the motorway closer to the homes and gardens of local residents, this will result in additional noise and air pollution for the hundreds of local residents, who live alongside this busy motorway.

The only protection offered by the Highways Agency against this additional noise and air pollution is little more than a wooden garden fence. 

I was hoping that the Highways Agency would use this opportunity to respond positively to the requests I have made on behalf of local residents for some time now that an acoustic barrier is erected to protect residents living near the motorway from the mounting traffic noise and also that a barrier of natural vegetation is planted to help reduce the air pollution emitted by the lorries and cars on the motorway. 

I am urging local residents and local schools and community groups located in the areas alongside the motorway to join with me in calling for a proper strategy to tackle the threat of increased noise and air pollution if this scheme goes ahead, including the erection of effective barriers.

Information on the Highways Agency consultation on M4 widening can be found on  or telephone the Highways Agency on 0300 123 5000.

Please do all you can to demand that in this project the appropriate protection put in place for our community.


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