School Visit to Discuss Save the Children Poverty in UK Report

A young man called Ahmed Yusuf recently contacted me on Twitter and asked me to visit his school to discuss "Save the Children's" new report on child poverty in the UK.

So on Monday 2nd June I am going along to Harlington School to meet Ahmed and his fellow students to listen to them on how we can eradicate child poverty in our country.

In its report "Save the Children" demonstrates that by 2020 there could be 5 million children here in the UK living in poverty - the highest total since records began. The charity argues that it's unacceptable that one of the world's richest countries should be failing our children in this way. The report states that despite the UK moving into economic recovery, there is a serious risk that many more children will fall into poverty over the next few years. Poverty ruins childhoods and reduces life chances.

"Save the Children" is calling on all Britain's politicians to ensure that the UK’s poorest children are given a fair start in life. The charity is asking MPs to sign up to Save the Children’s Fair Start Promise and for all the political parties to include in their manifestos for the next general election a commitment to the following policies:

*A minimum income for families with children under five

* High-quality affordable childcare for the poorest children

* A national mission for all children to be reading well by 11

You can see more of the report at:

I agree with these policies and will sign the Fair Start Promise but I want the next government to go much further and end child poverty in this country once and for all.

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