State of the Economy Conference – Saturday 21st May




As Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, on Saturday 21st May I am pleased to announce that I am convening a ‘State of the Economy’ conference at Imperial College in London and you are invited to join us.  


Following on from my ‘New Economics Lecture Series’, currently touring the country to open up the debate about the future of our economy to people outside of Westminster, this one day conference will hear from experts about the current state of the UK economy but will also be an opportunity for everyone to pitch in their own ideas.  


I am delighted we have a range of excellent speakers confirmed already including Ha-Joon Chang, Richard Murphy, Anastasia Nesvetailova, Jonathan Portes, Adrienne Roberts, Anneliese Dodds MEP and many more. 


In the morning and afternoon workshop sessions we have planned I am very much looking forward to hearing the ideas that you have to bring to the conference where we will be discussing a range of different topics ranging from tax, sustainable economics, debt, technology and alternative models of ownership to name just a few. Groups confirmed already to take part in the workshop sessions include the Women’s Budget Group and the Jubilee Debt Campaign. 


Labour’s entire Shadow Treasury team will be attending and chairing sessions throughout the day and the ideas that are discussed will help to inform our ongoing policy making process.  


Tickets are £10 to cover the cost of the venue and refreshments on the day. Please register to come here: 


I really hope you are able to join us for what should be a fascinating and exciting day of debate, contributions and ideas.  





John McDonnell MP


Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

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  • commented 2016-05-09 20:31:08 +0100
    The current economy is stopping growth.Its self defeating…We should be looking atGalbraith.International development means a broader vision.
  • commented 2016-05-01 10:03:19 +0100
    Did you know that Bill Mitchell is going to be in Europe in May. As a major opponent of neoliberalism and a brilliant blogger with similar economic to Stephanie Kelton, he would make a massively important contribution to this conference. Stephanie Kelton is an economist hired bt Bernie Sanders, he recognises the importance of ditching neoliberalism and adopting the economics of Keynes, Kalechi and Abba Lerner, the foundations of Modern Monetary Theory.
    Try to invite Bill, he is a real asset to ther Left.
  • commented 2016-04-21 10:00:43 +0100
    Just sad that I won’t be able to attend. The expensive privatised railways are an insurmountable barrier. The work John is doing is really useful, especially given the failures of neo-liberalism to create wellbeing for all.