Say No to the Third Runway at Heathrow

I challenged the Prime Minister at Prime Minister's Question Time about his past statements opposing Heathrow Airport Expansion and his commissioning of the Davies Report, which has recommended potentially two new runways at Heathrow. I reminded him that many local people supported him at the last election because of his statement "No ifs, no buts, there will be no third runway at Heathrow airport" but that now as a result of his Davies Report many felt that they had lost faith in him as someone who kept his word. Needless to say, I received a fairly meaningless reply.

No_10_petition.jpgJohn joined Heathrow Villagers, Local Heathrow Ward Councillors, June Nelson and Peter Money and West London MPs to present a letter to No 10 Downing Street calling upon the Prime Minister to honour his commitment in 2010 “No ifs, No buts, No 3rd Runway." Tuesday saw the end of the Airport Commission’s consultation on airport expansion options. John said “I am confident that if we continue our determined campaign we will see off this threat to our villages once again.” 

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    In Windsor town centre, the noise of the planes overwhelming. Sometimes the noise is so bad, it’s like switching on a hoover beside the bed! Why fly so low? Our sleep/day/night/work balance is being affected. We don’t want another runway and this should be stopped!
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    no third runway at heathrow
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    I am strongly against expansion at Heathrow because of the increased Air pollution and noise that it would inevitably cause. If the Prime Minister breaks his promise to prevent the Heathrow option, I will never vote Tory again.
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    Its bad enough here with the big jets going into Northolt!!!

    Expand Gatwick instead!!!!
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    We have enough noise from aircraft already in Bracknell from Heathrow airport. They constantly lie about the increase in noise ,with aircraft flying over the house from 5 clock in the morning to sometimes after midnight
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    Dear Mr Cameron

    There are many arguments for the 3 rd. runway but they have as far as I am concerned been disproven.

    The poll that Heathrow LTD that said that most local resident wanted a 3rd Runway was floored the question’s they put out were so strongly biased towards them it would not have been declared illegal poll if it were a in the public domain and they are now putting it out it was Legal poll they used it on News Night on BBC 2.

    This should not be allowed.

    My Local Council(Hillingdon) has accused Heathrow Ltd of Bully boy tactic in my Local council

    Yes I Am dead against the 3rd Runway


    The air quality around LHR is very Poor twice the Recommended Level recommended by

    WHO as you know poor air quality is responsible for many early deaths.

    Noise Pollution

    at the moment I can just about hear the Planes take off but if you build A third runway I will hear them. I have double glazing installed but what happens in the summer I can close my windows as I will roast. I cant afford air conditioning and even if I could I would just be adding to the Co2 emitted by this country

    If The 3rd Runway should go ahead it will make Heathrow the biggest emitter of Co2 in the UK this is Madness we are trying to reduce are Co2 emissions didn’t you just agree to Reduce are Co2 levels at The G7 summit?

    I personally thing we should take a step back reevaluate are there other options do we need a new runway at all if Heathrow Ltd need to free up space why not give some of its slots to LGW,Stanstead

    Can I remind you this not Just about LHR Ltd it about UK plc

    Yours faithfully

    Robert Bonnici
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    I have family members buried in Cherry lane cemetery Hayes
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    I do not mind delivering leaflets, attending protests etc ,as last time really and I am sure if defeated this time, next time as well !
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    This can never happen. For 30 years this community has been fighting proposals for Heathrow expansion and we must win this now
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    No more – I live in West Drayton – the whole plan is flawed – we put up with a lot – our properties have been blighted for years – how can they build a another runway? make better use off existing runways and five terminals!! how can big business control us and destroy West London.
  • signed 2015-07-04 16:47:29 +0100
    We cannot sacrifice much needed housing. Our local hospitals could not cope with the extra workload of patients from the airport as happens now with airline passengers that fall ill in transit and heaven forbid we would not be able to cope with a major disaster from further congested airspace.. it has to be remembered we also have the Northolt airbase too with their flying commitments in the air around us…. I personally love flying and being near an airport but the volume of increase air traffic would be a major risk and all pilots will find the steep take off technically difficult to avoid the listed and ancient church spire in Harmondsworth which cannot be demolished to facilitate the plans…. the rich fuel take off need for such would in itself increase air pollution considerably.
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    >If it’s going to take 10 years why not build a completely new airport in central England which would be purpose built not like Heathrow that has just morphed into what it is now.

    > why is so much cargo being flown into central London – crazy

    >not happy about so many planes flying over London. Paris, Washington, New York all have airports away from their centres – good planning!
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    No to a third runway at Heathrow. Why expand what has to be the worst place to have a hub airport – too many planes fly over a heavily populated area – sheer madness. Build a NEW airport in the estuary. In 50 years time the cost of it will be immaterial but the benefits enormous. Look to the future not the easy option of expanding what is a hideous monster West of Central London
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