Say No to the Third Runway at Heathrow

I challenged the Prime Minister at Prime Minister's Question Time about his past statements opposing Heathrow Airport Expansion and his commissioning of the Davies Report, which has recommended potentially two new runways at Heathrow. I reminded him that many local people supported him at the last election because of his statement "No ifs, no buts, there will be no third runway at Heathrow airport" but that now as a result of his Davies Report many felt that they had lost faith in him as someone who kept his word. Needless to say, I received a fairly meaningless reply.

No_10_petition.jpgJohn joined Heathrow Villagers, Local Heathrow Ward Councillors, June Nelson and Peter Money and West London MPs to present a letter to No 10 Downing Street calling upon the Prime Minister to honour his commitment in 2010 “No ifs, No buts, No 3rd Runway." Tuesday saw the end of the Airport Commission’s consultation on airport expansion options. John said “I am confident that if we continue our determined campaign we will see off this threat to our villages once again.” 

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    There is already too much noise, air pollution and road traffic around Heathrow. No third runway please, enough is enough.
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    NO NO NO to Heathrow Expansion. We do not have the room, the infrastructure, the roads. We want some quality of life for future generations – not spending summers indoors because of pollution and noise!!!
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    My mother my brother my grandad my uncle my cousin my godfather are buried in cherry lane graveyard. They will have to burry me before I will sit by and watch a run way going ahead in cherry lane.
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    Let loved ones rest in peace
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    These people are not even human for even thinking about doing something like this. My dad here since 2010, my 83 year old mum will be laid with him when her time comes. I hope these airport moneygrabbers are prepared to come down and explain to her and look her in the eye when they dig up her husband of 50 years in front of her if this shameful act is allowed to happen.
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    People’s family and friends are at their final resting place and is sacred to everyone. Disgraceful airport too big for their boots. I have 2 friends over there
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    Please don’t put a run way here my dad is there I’ve been to c him today and he’s been there since Nov 1988.i think it’s wrong that u want to build a 3rd runway where people’s families and loved are laid to rest. its not like you will actually (as horrible as this sounds sorry ppl) dig up our loved ones and put them somewhere else u will jus demolish it and build thru it so NO NO NO UR NOT BUILDING A 3RD RUN WAY. ON YA BIKE. LET THEM REST wot if mps wanted to build thru a cemertry where ur loved ones are laid to rest you lot will soon sign and put a stop to it. so please put ur self’s in out postions for 10mins n think how we all feel
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    Sign the petition: Campaigns friends and family plz plz sign this my dad is buried here and has been since 1988
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    Sign the petition: Campaigns
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    dear sir ,we are too much strugle in harmondsworth detention centre in your area.sir we are lot.s of detainee here.sir u.k immigration FAST TRACK process kill our life sir where you you are our local M.P .sir help our.sir if we get our right so we all detainees give vote to you.we need your help.we call immergency meeting and helps our.please
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    Enough air travel provision. Enough pollution in the stratosphere, which never gets rained down. Enough noise for local people. Quite enough tax relief for private companies who don’t pay tax on aviation fuel.