John’s Monthly Newsletter October 2019

Below is a brief summary of just some of my activities locally and in Parliament in the last month.

Treasury Questions 1st

During our regular topical questions to the Chancellor in the Chamber I asked him to give the House a quick fact-check of his speech yesterday? Video clips can be seen here and here

Mahatma Ghandhi’s 2nd

Mahatma Ghandhi
Mahatma Ghandhi

I was honoured to speak at the commemoration of Mahatma Ghandhi’s 150th anniversary, joining a number of community members.

Jeremy Vine 3rd

I spoke with Jeremy Vine about Labour’s position on Brexit – we need to bring the country back together again and go back to the people with an honest vote. We also spoke about our Green New Deal aiming for a Zero Carbon omission by 2030. We’re looking at an existential threat if we don’t sort this out the planet won’t exist.

Colchester Town Seminar 5th

Colchester Town Seminar
Colchester Town Seminar

The Shadow Treasury Team visited Colchester as part of our Town Seminar, Road to re-building the economy. Once again we had a packed room of local people wanting to discuss the issues that their community were experiencing. The general feeling was that social housing should take president over private developments. Participants also felt that by encouraging the garrison, university and the thriving arts community to contract local producers it would help Colchester become a flourishing place to live and work.

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook

I joined staff from Thomas Cook who had lost their jobs. It is simply insulting that Thomas Cook CEOs felt they could award themselves millions in bonuses whilst staff were losing their jobs and livelihoods. These funds could have been used to provide staff with a much-needed safety net.

Urgent Question to the Chancellor of the Exchequer 8th

I asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer to make a statement on HMRC’s published impact analysis of introducing new customs legislation and amendments. The clip can be viewed here

Railway residents meeting in labour hall 10th

We convened a meeting of the residents from the Railway Estate to discuss issues on the estate.

Southlands Autumn Exhibition 12th

Southlands Authum Exibition
Southlands Authum Exibition

I attended the preview of Southlands Arts, Autumn Exhibition 2019 who were showcasing work from local artists and crafters in their unique setting in the heart of West Drayton.

Queen’s Speech 14th

I responded to the Queen’s speech debate.There was nothing in this Queen’s Speech to address our stagnant economy, address low pay and insecure work or reverse rising levels of child poverty or pensioner poverty. It barely begins to unpick the devastating cuts to public services. The NHS suffered the longest funding squeeze in its history, while life expectancy falls and infant mortality rises. Schools have had their budget cuts, class sizes have risen and headteachers are sending begging letters to parents. Police have lost over 20,000 officers while violent crime soars. NHS England has made clear that core treatment targets cannot be met with the funding settlement offered by the government.

Rally in Westminster 14th

Westminster Rally
Westminster Rally

I spoke at the rally in Westminster alongside Jeremy Corbyn, Tan Dhesi, Laura Pidcock, Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott and dismissed rumours of plots by my team against Jeremy Corbyn. This is the season for that kind of story. We just have to tell the media out there: they will never divide us.

First day of the appeal hearing on Heathrow decision at the High Court 17th

Campaigners outside the High court
Campaigners outside the High court

I joined campaigners the High Court for the challenge against the 3rd Runway. The campaign against the expansion of Heathrow is on the verge of victory as three court of appeal judges considered fresh legal challenges against a third runway. The picture has changed since the previous legal challenge in the spring, as the UK had legislated for a net-zero emissions target by 2050 and declared a climate emergency.

I think legislatively things have moved and politically, with the current campaigning by Extinction Rebellion, the pressure is on all politicians to recognise this is a project that cannot stand. I’d like to thank campaigners for their persistent action over many years.

Visit from Hayes Park School

I had a visit to parliament from pupils at Hayes Park School who questioned me about role as the local MP.

Peoples Vote Rally 18th

People's Vote Rally

I spoke at the Peoples Vote rally about our expectation that the Prime Minister should seek and extension from the EU as we cannot support the deal that will make our country poorer, cost us our jobs, undermine our living standards and cut us off from a market we need to sustain our economy and our long term future. We will do all we can to amend that bill to prevent a ‘no deal’, to ensure a bad deal is rejected and enable democracy to reign once again for the people to have their say.

Sophie Ridge 20th

Sophie asked me about Super Saturday when MPs were supposed to accept or reject the PM’s new Brexit Deal and why that vote didn’t take place. I explained that before we make a decision we need to see the legislative proposals in details like any other piece of legislation and let MPs consider that bill properly in the usual way. We would put amendments to the bill and see whether or not we can ensure that it meets the criteria that we have set out. The interview can be viewed here

European Union (Withdrawal) Act 19th

For the first time since the Faulkland War the House of Commons sat on a Saturday, to discuss the Brexit deal that Boris Johnson had negotiated with the EU. MPs voted against this deal which has forced the Prime Minister to send a letter to the EU seeking and extension. However, the PM failed to sign the letter and sent another letter arguing that a further delay is a mistake.

Second Reading of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 22nd

The Government won the first vote for the bill to be read a second time and lost the second vote that the bill should be completed within 2 days. Jeremy Corbyn offered a compromise to the PM to agree a proper timetable but he has refused. Labour put forward a sensible compromise to sort Brexit which included a customs union to protect our economy and let the people have a final say. This was not a wrecking amendment but a genuine attempt to bring people together & secure a decent way forward we could all support.

Peston 23rd

I appeared on the Peston Programme to discuss Labour’s position on Brexit and a number of other issues.

Debate on the Economy 24th

I put forward an amendment to the Queen’s Speech as it failed to rebuild the UK economy, tackle the housing crisis, further pushes public services into crisis and contains no vision to bring this divided country back together. I called on the Government to bring forward a plan to rebuild the economy so that it works in the interest of the many, not just handing out rewards to those at the top. I also called on the Government to address the climate emergency by bringing forward a green industrial revolution to decarbonise the economy and boost economic growth.’ To view the Hansard click here

HPA launch of newly decorated office 25th  

HPS Launch
HPS Launch

I went along to join Valerie Mohamed and volunteers of Hillingdon Play Association celebrating the decoration of their play area by Hasbro staff and Tescos.

Pienaar 27th

I spoke with John Pienaar on his BBC Radio 5 Live show to discuss Labour’s position on an upcoming general election. I explained that labour will only support Johnson’s plan for a general election until the risk of no deal Brexit is ruled out.

Early Parliamentary General Election Bill 29th

For the third time, Boris Johnson  asked the House of Commons to support a plan for a general election on December 12.  Labour offered the Government the opportunity of debating the bill, making amendments and putting it back to the people. The PM refused and once we had confirmation from the EU that ‘no deal’ was off the agenda we supported this bill.

BBC Breakfast interview 30th

I spoke with Dan Walker on BBC Breakfast about the forthcoming election. I explained that Brexit isn’t the only issue of the election, it is however an issue. At the time of the referendum we didn’t have the detail of the deal to leave. We now know what sort of deal is on offer. Labour would therefore negotiate a sensible deal to leave and give the people the final say on whether to leave or remain.

People are concerned about what’s happened over the last 9 years of cuts to our public services. We want to give people hope again about this Country with decent wages, proper Trade Union rights, the ability to own a share in their company, properly funded public services and combating the existential threat of climate change. These are the issues we will be campaigning on.

Election  December 12th

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years and for nominating me again to stand as your MP.

It has been a real privilege being the local MP for the community where I live and have bought up my family.

For our community 9 years of Conservative cuts have meant:
A shortage of doctors, operations cancelled and the NHS facing its worst winter crisis ever.
Teachers’ jobs cut and local children’s centres closed.
Police cuts and violent crime rising.
Wages frozen, long hours, insecure work and a homelessness crisis.

It’s time for real change – I am standing in this election for a fairer community.

Labour will:
Ensure the NHS, our Schools and Police are properly funded.
Free Social Care for the Elderly.
Scrap Tuition Fees
Tackle climate change and protect our environment and wildlife.
Building the decent homes we desperately need and controlling high rents

If elected, I will continue to work hard for all of the residents of Hayes and Harlington and West Drayton.

Our campaign starts now!

We will be canvassing on the following days;

We are starting in Townfield Ward, moving over to Botwell and Pinkwell Wards

Please keep your eye out for emails as the meeting points and timings may change

  • Monday 4th November at 5pm – Meet at the Labour Hall
  • Tuesday 5th November at 5pm – Meet at the Labour Hall
  • Wednesday 6th November at 2pm and 5pm – Meet at the Labour Hall
  • Thursday 7th November at 2pm and 5pm – Meet at the Labour Hall
  • Friday 8th November at 3pm and 5pm – Meet at the Labour Hall

If you have not canvassed before, please do not worry, we will pair you with an experienced canvasser. Please pass this on to supporters, all are welcome

If you would like a poster or a bus stop in your garden or if you wish to volunteer in anyway then please email Helen at

Also please remind friends to register to vote and if it is easier for them, they can apply for a postal vote. The two links are below for you

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